The GRN Coastal College Hire program for student Athletes is called Athletes Edge.

College Athletes are a very attractive hiring pool and GRN Coastal brings forth your qualities in a way that emphasizes the benefits learned through athletic participation. We help you present these skills differently to a prospective employer. We advise you and provide a playbook to guide you for business world success by providing a series of services. We provide students with a FREE resume critique and review. We also provide you with opportunities to submit to our top clients that have real immediate needs.

GAME OVER- GAME ON ….GET INTO THE WORKFORCE by securing you a career, not just a job.

Athletes Edge is all about getting you into the professional workforce. We help student athletes get their first job after the games are over at fantastic companies. We help you prepare for the workforce by becoming your career coach and connecting you with our clients that are looking for former athletes because they recognize the value you will bring to their organization based on your inherent abilities as an athlete.

We can get you back into the game with real opportunities. As former athletes, we get it. This is a no cost advisory service that we provide graduating student athletes; our clients pay us to deliver them top student athletes.

Our program is very simple. In dialogue with Executives at the NCAA, it was felt that this advisory service could be very helpful to student athletes. Why… because we recruit, connect and place college athletes in top companies throughout North America. We do this via a streamlined process which accelerates the student athletes search by preparing them for the workforce and connecting them with companies that seek their skillset.

What we do:

  1. GRN is a recruitment firm that places candidates all across North America in sales, management and engineering roles.
  2. Our college hire program is with existing contracted clients of ours that are seeking top collegiate talent for new positions.
  3. We match graduating college students with immediate openings at our contracted clients.
  4. Our service is free to the student; we act as an advisor in the recruitment process.
  5. Please forward your resume to us immediately for consideration for our client’s openings.

Our fees are paid directly to us by our contracted employers; this advisory service is free to you- the student.

While searching for a job online, sending applications to posted positions and handing out resumes at job fairs may seem like time well spent, we bring solutions that get you quick traction. Some of these our service via Athletes Edge includes:

  1. Resume critique: We know what companies look for; We interview you, understand your strengths, interests and most importantly your intangibles such as time management skills, leadership, determination, focus, team attitude, competitiveness, accountability and discipline and craft it into a resume that speaks to the needs of industry. We turn a blah resume into a real eye catcher that will stand out, and we know our clients will love. We give you the Edge.
  2. We give you the opportunity to submit your resume to our top clients.

With a consistent behavior pattern well established. We position you to take your greatness on the athletic field and turn that into greatness in the business world.

With a history of college athletics running deep through GRN Coastal, our experience with the tremendous discipline, training and commitment needed to succeed in on the field sets us apart from all other programs of this nature. Mix in 30+ years of corporate executive experience, and now entrepreneur experience, owning an award winning Recruitment and Talent Acquisition firm, we bring a unique perspective to the impact that college athletes can have on a company.

  • GRN Coastal College Hire program completely turned around my job search. I had reached a dead end and within one week of contacting me, they cleaned up my resume, got me a local interview with a great company. They advised me throughout each step of the process. Thank you GRN Coastal.  

    Student- Fairfield University
  • Hey Mr. S , I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for everything you did to my resume, you made my job search take a full 180 and I just accepted an awesome management trainee job  yesterday. Once again thank you so much for your help.

    Student Athlete– Virginia Tech
  • With one phone call, GRN Coastal introduced me to a great opportunity and then proceeded to get me an immediate interview. They worked with me to get me prepared for the interview. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

    Student Athlete-USC
  • WOW. Thank you so much! My resume looks amazing and is very attention grabbing. I can see why a candidate with this format will win the job, I am pumped. I appreciate you giving your time and effort to help me out!

    Student Athlete– Virginia Tech
  • GRN Coastal reached out to me based on seeing my resume. They informed me of this great opportunity, got me prepped for the interview and gave me the opportunity to win the position. read more

    Student- Arizona State
  • As a former Rowing team member, my job search had stalled. I reached out to GRN Coastal on their clients Management training opportunity. GRN Coastal helped me bring forth qualities that I didn’t have in my resume as a Student Athlete, got me two interviews and did all of this in a 2 week period of time.

    Student Athlete- UCLA
  • GRN Coastal advised me on how to make my resume pop. They positioned me with one of their top clients hiring manager, I got the interview. GRN Coastal had me totally prepared for the interview and I received the offer.

    Student- Cal Poly
  • “WOW.  Thank you so much! We work so hard every day as students to strive towards our goals and attempt to reach our dreams. It is people like Mr. S who make those dream come true. GRN Coastal establishes a professional as well as a personal relationship and you feel a true willingness to help. Not only was I treated in a very respectable manner, the hospitality I received made me feel like family.

    My resume looks amazing and is very attention grabbing. I have got nothing but compliments about the changes Mr. S helped me with. I can see why a candidate with this format will win the job, but it doesn’t stop there. Once locking in an interview, Mr. S would follow up with me and ensure I was prepped for each step of the process. He kept me a step ahead of the game and it allowed me to out-shine others in competition for the same position. I cannot thank Mr. S enough for all the time and effort he put towards helping me begin my professional career!”

    Jon Woodcock -Student Athlete- Virginia Tech
  • I was able to work this past summer at GRN Coastal as a summer intern. I learned a lot about the talent acquisition business, building a brand and marketing in general. I look back at my experience as a key building block for when I am ready to pursue career opportunities.

    Student- University of Alabama
  • The team at GRN Coastal helped me and some of my classmates to network into the industry and find top opportunities with local companies. They taught me how to present myself to potential employers.

    Student- Northeastern University

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ABOUT GLOBAL RECRUITERS NETWORK (GRN): We have a global recruiting presence with almost 200 locations across North America and have placed candidates in over 20 countries across the 5 continents. Our locations are all interconnected and we have the ability to share searches via an internal Exchange Network with any location, thus extending our reach and minimizing the time to fill positions. GRN Coastal is an award winning firm. GRN Coastal was the 2014 GRN Rookie of the Year office and 2014 Top Producer award winner. We are consistently ranked amongst the top producing offices in North America.